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Steffi Jüngling 
La biblioteca di Babel 

With a vague idea for a piece in my mind Steffi Jüngling went to to a small library on the island of Giudecca/Venice searching for the beginnings of books and stories.

Looking for her favourite authors she came across Jorge Luis Borges' fictions’. „La Biblioteca di Babel" is one of the stories in this book and finding it in this library on an outpost of Venice drew her attention.

In this story an ultimate library, a place for all books, all knowledge and all languages is imagined. Thinking about the idea of this utopian library she started to work on building a version of the Borgesian Babel-library by setting up a network of libraries all over the world tied together by his story.

So the first sentence of the text has been placed onto a wall within the library of the centro civico/Guidecca/Venice with vinyl letters. Then, the story was taken on an ongoing journey, during which libraries on the way each are hosting one sentence of it; successively the whole story, sentence by sentence will be placed in libraries all over the world, each sentence translated in the language of the country

  ©2004 Steffi Jüngling,